Bold Silica 20 Beach Tennis Paddle

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Looking for a powerful edge in beach tennis?

The Silica 20 Red Kevlar paddle is designed by professional beach tennis players. It has a sleek design and fast speed that is perfect for players who want to take their game up a notch. With amazing control, it will improve your serves, offensive and defensive game.

You'll love the feel of this paddle in your hand as you dominate your opponents on the court. It will give you the competitive edge you need to win. Order now and be ready to play like a pro!

Glipper Strong Treatment

The Silica 20 features the professional Glipper Strong Treatment, which gives you a homogeneous power and excellent grip. Plus, the weigh gain is only 8-9 grams, so you can move quickly and easily around the court. You'll be able to hit those winning shots with ease. Dominate your opponents on the beach tennis court with the Silica 20 paddle!

Technical Specifications

Frame: Red Kevlar
Core: EVA 20 - Extra Soft
Lenght: 50cm
Thickness: 20mm
Weight: 320/340g
Finish: Glossy
Face Surface: Glipper Strong Treatment

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