Costazul Sancocho Happens Long Sleeve Hoodie Rashguard

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We get it. Not every troll goes your way right? But to humor things up we made a special rashguard to have a good time. It features our Costazul Sancocho Happens design. Protect yourself from the sun and stay in style with this beach waves-themed UPF 50+ sun protection long sleeve hoodie.  Its material absorbs moisture, is lightweight and highly breathable. Relaxed fitted yet not too loose.


Sun Protection
UPF 50+ Sun Protection to reduce the UV rays reaching the skin.

Fresh & Cool
Breathable, moisture-managing interlock fabric.

Ultra Light Fabric
Our lightest featherweight fabric 100% Polyester Xtreme-Tek

Perfect Fit
Relaxed fitted yet not too loose.

Treated to protect this shirt from bacterial growth which can yield unpleasant odors.

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